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September, 2004

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Rape facts and statistics

Rape Facts II
Sexual Assault Facts
National Facts on Sexual Assault

Abuse and violence

50 Reasons Women Don't Leave their Abusive Partners
Dating Someone Considerably Older
Feelings the abused woman may have
Feelings the batterer may have
Four Building Blocks In Understanding Teen Dating Violence
The Mathematics of Battering
Relationship Contract
A Dozen Things Men Can Do To Stop Men's Violence Against Women
National Facts on Domestic Violence
A guide to safety planning
Love Is... Love Isn't

Rape prevention

For Men: About Rape
Acquaintance Rapists: Some Warning Signs
Rape Prevention

Protecting yourself against crime

If You Are Confronted...
When Parking Your Car...
When You're Using an Elevator...

Encouragement and support

Cautions In Working With Battered Women
Evaluating Your Effectiveness As A Helping Professional
How Do You Help a Survivor of Sexual Assault?
Could You Just Listen
The ABC's of Active Listening
Self Care Assessment Worksheet

General information

Definitions of Rape
Definitions of Battering and Abuse
Date Rape
Sexual abuse continuum
Understanding the sexuality of children
The effects of child sexual abuse

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