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September, 2004

  1. Recognize that domestic violence is every man's responsibility.

  2. Speak up. Don't be a silent bystander.

  3. Challenge men who use sexist language and make degrading jokes about women.

  4. Ask a woman how the threat of violence impacts her life. Listen to and learn from women.

  5. Think about how our own attitudes and language contribute to the problem of men's abuse of women.

  6. Call 911. Domestic violence is not a private matter - it's a crime.

  7. Recognize that degrading images of women in the media are linked to violence against women.

  8. Boycott magazines, videos or music that promote violence against women.

  9. Talk to and teach boys and young men about healthy relationships. Walk the talk by being a good role model.

  10. Seek help if you have a problem with being emotionally or physically abusive.

  11. Join other concerned men and women to address gender violence through groups such as Men for HAWC.

  12. Support HAWC, the North Shore's domestic violence program.

Help for Abused Women and their Children
27 Congress Street, Salem, MA 01970
(978) 744-8552 FAX (978) 745-6886
On the web at www.HelpAbusedWomen.org

Men for HAWC's mission is to bring men together to join with Help for Abused Women and their Children (HAWC) in raising awareness and taking action to end men's abuse against women and their children in our communities.

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