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September, 2004

The following hotline numbers are courtesy of The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality, by Michael J. Basso:

Cancer Information Center 800 422-6237
National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hotline 800 227-8922
HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service 800 448-0440
PHS AIDS Hotline 800 324-AIDS
Healthy Baby Hotline 800 451-BABY
Planned Parenthood 800 230-7526
Emergency Contraception Hotline 800 584-9911
National Resource Center on Child Sexual Abuse 800 543-7006
National Child Abuse Hotline 800 422-4453
Boystown National Hotline 800 448-3000
National Runaway Hotline 800 621-4000
Angels Flight 800 833-2499
National Abortion Hotline 800 231-9100
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
(collect calls accepted)
301 231-6512

Excerpted from The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality (c) 1997 by Michael J. Basso.  All rights reserved.

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