Run, if possible.

Blow your whistle.

Give up valuables without question.

Yell “Fire!” or “Fight!” rather than “Help!.”

If your purse or briefcase is grabbed, let go and drop to one knee.  This position protects you in case the attacker tries to knock you down.

If you are abducted, try to drop something which can be traced to you (purse, I.D., article of clothing).

If you are assaulted and can break free, don’t panic.  Run TOWARD safety, not just AWAY from danger.

Don’t make any sudden moves — your attacker is probably as nervous as you are.

If you face a person with a weapon, look at the person, not at the weapon.  Your problem is with the person… Try to calm and sooth him by speaking quietly and reassuringly.  Tell him he has nothing to fear from you.  This is especially important with someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Take mental notes about the attacker.  Pay attention to the number of attackers, their ages, sex, ethnic backgrounds, appearance, clothing, weapons, voices, nicknames, special characteristics or identifying marks.

Be prepared… plan in advance how you’ll respond to a confrontation … rehearse your words and actions.