Don’t leave your keys in the ignition.  Take your keys with you, and always lock your car.

Keep your ignition key on a separate key chain, not with your house and office keys.  This prevents your keys from being duplicated by others.

Keep your trunk key separate from your ignition key.  That way, if you park in a commercial lot, the contents of your trunk will be comparatively secure.

When returning to your car, check on all sides before approaching the door.  Have your keys in your hand and ready before arriving at your car.  Finally, check inside the car for an intruder before unlocking it.

Keep a spare set of car keys with you.  If you lose one set or lock yourself out of your car, you’ll be able to get going much more quickly.

Never leave valuables in the passenger compartment.  Keep them locked in the trunk.

When you park at night, look for a well-lighted location.

If you have car trouble, keep your doors locked and stay with your car.  Hang a white handkerchief on your radio antenna as a distress signal.  If someone stops to offer assistance, ask them to call the highway patrol, the local police, or the auto club.  Speak from inside your locked car, with the window rolled down just enough to communiicate.