What do free rape stories, rape pictures, rape videos, and rape movies have in common with actual rapes?  After all, if you’ve never raped anyone, you’re not a rapist!  A rape fantasy is just harmless, right?

Do rape stories and rape pics shape learned behaviors?


1. a. To make (someone) inclined to something in advance.  b. To make susceptible or liable.

You might be startled to discover that it’s very easy to become inclined to rape, in advance of an actual rape.  After all, 70% of all sexual assaults are planned.  But of course, there’s a big difference, right?  You’re not scheming to rape anyone for real.  What harm can that do?  You’re not hurting anyone else!  Yet, by playing the scene out in your mind, are you hurting yourself?  I suppose if you only imagine it happening, once or twice, that’s not a bad thing, is it?  It’s not like you’re conditioning yourself to think and respond that way.  Or, are you learning to rape?  One of the ways our minds learn is by rote (repetition).  How many times do we need to repeat something, before we’ve learned and memorized it?  What’s that magic number for you?  Here’s a scary thought — what if you’re a quick learner?!

Rape can easily become a preconditioned response.  One day in the real world, you find yourself in a situation that is similar to what you’ve imagined, and the pieces of the rape fantasy fall into place, and your mind simply reacts and responds in a way it’s accustomed to seeing the scene played out.  It becomes very easy to actually act out what you’ve already envisioned and role-played hundreds of times.

Rape videos and pornography


1. Pictures, writing, or other material that is sexually explicit and sometimes equates sex with power and violence.

Pornography is all about sexual gratification at someone else’s expense.  Rape, however, is never about sexual desire, but is a violent act of power and control over the victim.  Violence does not always have to be physical.  There are many ways to coerce or intimidate or threaten a victim that do not involve physical force.  No matter how control is gained, nonconsensual sex is rape, whether it’s within an intimate partnership or not.

Rape videos and pornography are similar in how they both demean and degrade a person, stripping them of the respect and consideration that person deserves, and reducing them to an object.  Every time rape movies are viewed, those individuals are being victimized and exploited all over again.

When you consider how many girls, boys, women, and men, are sexually abused and sexually assaulted, rape videos and rape movies certainly don’t help put a stop to what those victims went through, and have to live with, for the rest of their lives.  Perhaps you even know what it’s like to be a sexual abuse victim.

Sexism in rape stories and rape movies

Some people believe they need to be in control.  Some also believe that others are put on this earth to provide for their needs, whether it be cooking, cleaning, or sex.  There are even a fair number of people who believe that sex solely revolves around their own (or their partner’s) needs.  But what if each person was seen as an individual, possessing their own unique sexual needs and desires and feelings?  I realize that may be a very extreme view to some, but I’m inclined to believe that it’s a lot harder to rape a someone if you respect who they are as a person.  Yet, rape stories and rape fantasies do the exact opposite, disregarding a person’s rights and feelings.  They serve to demean individuals, to reduce them to objects, to strip away their choice to say “No.”  Even in our culture, we don’t consider rape victims as people.  “She got what she deserved.”  “She was asking for it.”  What person deserves to be abused, to be violated, to have things done to them against their will, to be traumatized and affected by that one act, for the rest of their life?

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Ask yourself this one final question:

If you’re looking for rape stories, rape pics, and rape videos, how are you helping to stop rape and violence?

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