Qualities of a healthy relationship

You are here: Home >> Articles >> Qualities of a healthy relationshipSeptember, 2004Qualities of a healthy relationshipIt’s basically calm, rather than frantic.It’s a friendship as well as a physical attraction.It accepts the need for privacy on both sides.It allows for differences of opinion.It doesn’t force anybody to make a commitment or declare their undying love and devotion before they’re ready to.It allows the time two people need to get to know each other and find out how compatible they are.It involves two people who already feel good about themselves and who carry those good feelings over into their relationship.It won’t destroy them if they break up.It allows for the equal sharing of power and control — neither one dominates, neither one constantly submits.It doesn’t make unrealistic demands on either partner.It involves no ideal expectations, no stereotypes; it involves two people of different sexes, not opposite sexes.Excerpted from Coping with Dating Violence (c) 1989 by Nancy N. Rue.  All rights reserved.