What’s our purpose?  To increase awareness of the widespread problem of (sexual) abuse, and to provide educational material and resources.

Each one of us is affected by the consequences of rape.

Your help can make a difference in stopping rape.

Disbelief of the problem

Domestic violence and sexual assault thrive in an atmosphere of denial, skepticism, and silence.  Some people don’t want to believe that it can (and does) happen to normal, ordinary people like themselves, that it happens as often as we say, or that someone they know, trust, or love, could commit these acts of violence.  Take a look at these statistics:

1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 8 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18.

1 out of 3 high school relationships includes battering or rape.

Husbands, fathers, boyfriends, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances account for 75% of all rapists.

If you don’t believe these statistics or feel comfortable talking about abuse, what are the consequences for your friends or relatives, who have been abused?  Will you believe them?  Many victims stay silent because they feel they won’t be believed.  Will they find the support and understanding they need, to break the silence?

We’ve talked with people who disbelieve that abuse affects so many people.  We’ve talked with people who have minimized or excused what’s been done to us.  Some people even haven’t believed us.  Apparently they find it hard to accept that our abusers actually did these things, to us.

Here’s another motivation for our site presence…

Becoming predisposed to rape

Imagine our surprise when we found out that there are people who search the web, because of some fantasy or inclination they apparently have, towards rape.  Take a look at some of the actual words people have searched on.

A rare occurrence?  Would you believe that searches like that account for over 80% of the hits to our web site.

Are rape fantasies harmless?  While a lot of those individuals may never have actually raped anyone, and may also be emphatic that they never would, are they predisposing themselves to rape?

As we’ve expressed on our feedback page, it’s our desire to make this site as helpful and beneficial to you and others as possible.  Please feel free to let us know how we’re doing!