1. Doesn’t know how to stop abuse.

  2. Doesn’t know how to get away from abuse.

  3. Doesn’t think anyone can help her.

  4. Feels responsible for his behavior, yet cannot change it.


  1. Fear that the abuse will continue.

  2. Fear that leaving the relationship may cause him to pursue her and possibly escalate the abuse.

  3. Fear of living alone.

  4. Fear that children will be emotionally and/or physically harmed.

  5. Fear of no financial security.

  6. Fear that no one will believe her.


  1. It is her fault that be abuses her, she must be doing something wrong.

  2. She isn’t providing a healthy environment for her children.

  3. Sometimes she may hit back or initiate the violence.


  1. Won’t tell others, doesn’t want them to blame her.

  2. Embarrassment that she could get herself into this situation.

  3. Can’t leave house when bruises apparent.

  4. Limits interaction with friends, doesn’t want them to know what her life is like.


  1. At herself for allowing herself to be in this violent situation.

  2. At him for being abusive and causing difficulties in the relationship.