+Not Taking
Girls & Women

Taking control means:

Giving orders  Being the boss  Making decisions for the two of you without consulting the other person  Being possessive, keeping track of where the other person is, who they talk to and what they do  Criticizing her all the time  Ruining her reputation by spreading rumors  Getting her back for not doing what you want

Unfair expectations are:

Thinking she owes you sex  Believing she must agree with you all the time  Thinking  she shouldn’t contradict you in public  You can question her but she can’t question you  She must be interested in everything you are interested in  Thinking you don’t need to be interested in what she’s interested in  Expecting her to be available all the time  Expecting her to put up with any mood you’re in  When you are unhappy, expecting her to feel responsible for making you feel better  Thinking that you can cheat on her but she can’t cheat on you

Not taking girls and women seriously means:

Not listening  Not respecting their opinions  Seeing girls as sex objects  Thinking girls aren’t as smart as boys  Thinking girls are too sensitive, overly emotional, or irrational  Sexism

Battering includes:

Hitting, shoving, pinching, burning, pushing, beating, throwing things, punching walls  Threatening to hurt someone  Destroying a person’s property, hurting their pets, threatening their family  Forcing sex on another person  Keeping someone fearful of you